When Do Recent 20th Century Studios And Searchlight Pictures Theatrical Films Come To Hulu?

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Disney+ subscribers, prepare to be angry. Hulu subscribers enjoy a constant onslaught of new 20th Century Studios and Searchlight films. For 40 years from 1983 until 2022, Fox (now 20th Century Studios) films went to HBO for their Pay One window (the ~2 years after cinema and home media releases). With Avatar: The Way of Water in 2022, that deal finally ended. That means films like Chevalier and The Boogeyman go straight to Hulu after their time in theatres.

As part of Disney’s fall 2020 renegotiation of that HBO deal, HBO and Hulu shared the last couple years of Pay One rights. In some cases that meant a film went exclusively to Hulu, in other cases it went to HBO exclusively for 8 months before joining Hulu and co-streaming the 2nd half of the Pay One window. We wanted to put this resource together for you to see when the remaining “HBO Exclusive” Pay One films would join Hulu. By the end of 2023, all of them will be on Hulu!

FilmRelease DateStudioStreaming Date
BarbarianSeptember 9, 202220th Century StudiosOctober 25, 2022 (Max)
June 25, 2023
Brahmāstra: Part One – ShivaSeptember 9, 2022STAR StudiosNovember 4, 2022
December 7, 2022 (Disney+)
See How They RunSeptember 16, 2022Searchlight PicturesDecember 1, 2022 (Max)
July 1, 2023
Amsterdam October 7, 202220th Century StudiosDecember 6, 2023 (Max)
[ESTIMATED] August 6, 2023
The Banshees of InisherinOctober 21, 2022Searchlight PicturesDecember 13, 2023 (Max)
[ESTIMATED] August 13, 2023
The MenuNovember 18, 2022Searchlight PicturesJanuary 3, 2023 (Max)
[ESTIMATED] September 3, 2023
Empire of LightDecember 9, 2022Searchlight PicturesFebruary 7, 2023 (Max)
[ESTIMATED] October 7, 2023
Avatar: The Way of WaterDecember 16, 202220th Century StudiosJune 7, 2023 (Max) [End of HBO Output Deal]
June 7, 2023 (Disney+)
ChevalierApril 21, 2023Searchlight PicturesJune 16, 2023
The BoogeymanJune 2, 202320th Century Studios[ESTIMATED] September 6, 2023
Theatre CampJuly 14, 2023Searchlight Pictures[ESTIMATED] October 11, 2023
Poor ThingsSeptember 8, 2023Searchlight Pictures[ESTIMATED] December 6, 2023
A Haunting in VeniceSeptember 15, 202320th Century Studios[ESTIMATED] December 13, 2023
The CreatorSeptember 29, 202320th Century Studios[ESTIMATED] December 27, 2023
Next Goal WinsNovember 17, 2023Searchlight Pictures[ESTIMATED] February 14, 2024
Magazine DreamsDecember 8, 2023Searchlight Pictures[ESTIMATED] March 6, 2024

*Please note that our streaming date estimates are based Disney’s 2023 pattern of Wednesday releases, roughly 90 days after the theatrical premiere.

How Long Will Recent 20th Century Studios And Searchlight Films Stream On Hulu?

We can EXCLUSIVELY confirm/scoop that Disney appears to have split their Pay One window and will be pulling 20th Century Studios films from Hulu after a shockingly short 7-month window. As of now, Chevalier is expected to leave and head to another, yet unknown, streaming service on January 17, 2024. We are very concerned by this development. Did Disney truly make an incompetent decision to immediately re-sign a new Pay window deal immediately after the ending of the HBO deal instead of using their current films on their own services?

We wouldn’t be remotely surprised if Searchlight and 20th Century Studios films end up sharing with Peacock, Paramount+, or even Apple TV+ in 2024 similar to how Peacock only streams Universal Studios films during the first and last 4 months of the 18 month Pay One window with Prime and Netflix getting to hold films for a 10-month period in between. We will keep you posted if this changes.

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