Disney Plus Still Has Not Added ‘Sketchbook,’ ‘Polar Bear,’ ‘Explorer: The Last Tepui,’ Or ‘Biggest Little Farm: The Return’ Coming Soon Pages

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Did you know that Disney+ is 11 days away from adding 4 new Original documentary films / specials?

We’ve covered in depth the issues related to this feature. we also have a page that tracks originals without coming soon pages.

April 22nd sees the premiere of:

1. DisneyNature’s next film, Polar Bear

2. Nat Geo special, Explorer: The Last Tepui

3. Nat Geo special, The Biggest Little Farm: The Return

4. Bear Witness, a behind-the-scenes of the making of Polar Bear

Did you know that Disney+ is 16 days away from adding a new Original docuseries?

April 27th sees the premiere of:

5. Sketchbook, a drawing tutorial by real Disney animators

Despite the fact that HBO Max, Netflix, and Apple TV+ provide Coming Soon pages for titles multiple months in advance, Disney+ has long struggled with this basic expectation of a streaming service.

Disney+ Coming Soon Row missing 5 Originals releasing within next 2 weeks. Yikes.

Are you looking forward to these unscripted titles? Do you hope Disney+ begins marketing their unscripted content in-app as other services do?

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